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These cute little circular stickers are great for placing on a laptop, car bumper, or just your shirt! $3 for all four colors in a cute little sticker sheet shipped right to your door! A personal note accompanies your order to thank you for your support!

VERDE-T' $25-30

Baseball- T 


Grey and white, great for handing out around the house or going out with friends! Adult sizes S, M, & L available. $30

More colors coming soon...

Classic Verde-T


You'll be the talk of the town in this edgy little number. Verde-T in classic green is the most comfortable shirt you'll own. Wear it everyday! Wash it or don't... you'll look great either way! $25

More colors coming soon...

Classic Verde-T


Classic Verde-T in tropical blue. Bring some warmth to

your daily routine with this exotic color! $25

More colors coming soon...



Pop Sockets

Bling out your phone...

These cute little pop sockets come in 4 eye-catching colors: black, green, magenta, and dark blue. $3 each, or $10 for all four!



Bedazzle your fridge...

You'll need a good magnet to hang up your recipes, photos, and shopping list...why not support your local band while you do! $3 each for the most unique magnet you'll ever have!



 Beautify your


You don't have to play an instrument to purchase these cool plectrums...! Give them to friends, keep them in your wallet, or display them in a cute bowl... whatever you do with them, they're irrresistible at $1 for TWO!

Verdegree Starter Pack

For those who can't decide, we made it easy for you! This pack includes a hard copy or Green; Chromesthesia, 4 colorful stickers, 2 picks, 4 pop sockets, and one magnet! Support the band and buy now... click below!

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